Craft Conversion Co

Two brothers helping restaurants & bars make the move from macro to micro

What we do

We build partnerships

We want to partner with you. We are dedicated industry professionals with a passion for service and small business. We've spent close to a decade building excellent relationships with suppliers, specialists and breweries and we want to bring you into the fold. We are extremely selective with the restaurants we approach as we always ensure our portfolio of clients are receiving all of the support they could possibly need. We never offer our services to more than one business in a neighbourhood and we never do the same thing twice. We customize each approach so your restaurant maintains its unique character and charm while elevating the aesthetic, service, food and selection. 

We do the research

The Craft Conversion Co approach is the exact opposite of a one size fits all. We take into account neighbourhood demographics, upcoming real estate development and area competition. We painstakingly cater our craft-centric re-imaginings to each and every business we think could potentially be a good fit. When we pitch to you, about branding changes, menu updates, aesthetic direction and business best practices, you can rest assured that every element of our personalized portfolio was crafted especially for your restaurant. The beauty of this industry, as with craft beer, is just how staggeringly diverse it truly is. You don't own a chain restaurant. You're building your vision. We're here to help you realize it.

We put in the hours

We love our work. You can rely on us to be there to put in the face time, roll up our sleeves, and get your restaurant to where it needs to be. This isn't a hobby. It's not a consult and a handshake. It isn't going to get anybody rich quick. We're here for the long haul. We're here to introduce strategies for sustainable growth. Your success is important to us. It's the reason we do what we do. It's precisely why we offer partnership as an option in exchange for our ongoing services. We want to be as invested in your restaurant as you are, without ever having a controlling interest. That means paperwork, busy services, monthly meetings and staff training. It means you'll be able to count on us to see this thing through and get your business to reach its full potential. 

How We do it

Craft Beer

With the input of the countless contacts we've made in the Ontario Craft Beer Industry, we will design a custom tap set up and draught list specifically catered to your menu and capacity. In depth product knowledge and lasting partnerships will result in increased sales and ongoing support as your restaurant joins the ever-growing craft beer revolution. 


We like to stand out. Carefully curated design aesthetics give us the crucial opportunity to make an excellent and lasting first impression. We offer several options such as redesigning your website, menus and storefront to modernize and unify your brand while being careful not to impinge on your vision.


Ongoing comprehensive staff training is what will set your restaurant apart from the others. Guests expect a well-versed and passionate staff and we will deliver. With a proven track record of providing the highest caliber service, we will not only teach your staff, but also give you the tools to ensure continued success.


 Any business owner or manager should have at least a working knowledge of accounting related to their business. If you do not, you leave yourself vulnerable to fraud, embezzling or theft. Craft Conversion Company's services include: teaching accounting, reading financial statements, growth indicators & support in business activities 

Business Valuation

 A complicated question: What is your business worth? Worth can be a subjective term. To an investor it is the dollar value of the business - but to someone running their dream restaurant; maybe priceless. Craft Conversion Company uses tried and tested industry standards to put a dollar value on your business. Even if you have no intention of selling your business, having an idea of what your business is worth can put every decision going forward into perspective. 

Bottom Line

 At the end of the day, a business is for making money. Whether you are a brand new business, or a 40+ year old family run restaurant, a business needs to at least break even to stay viable. The experienced owners of Craft Conversion Company can help any restaurant or bar in meeting it's profit goals and increasing revenue.

Why we do it

We love craft beer

Craft beer is not only the fastest growing segment of Ontario alcohol sales, it's also an excellent industry for local job creation and cutting-edge sustainability practices. With well over 100 independent craft brewers in Ontario alone, there's never been a better time to be an adventurous beer drinker with a social conscience. Every day more and more people are making the switch from imports and macros to supporting the brewers in their own backyards. Originally thought to be skewed heavily towards a younger crowd, craft beer drinkers have proven to span every demographic and continue to grow.

We love the restaurant industry

Between the owners and our specialists we have several decades of experience in the restaurant industry. We've seen it from every angle and we've dedicated our lives to developing the greatest concepts, executions and teams in the business. From six am brunch opens to 2 am bar closes, we've done it all and genuinely enjoyed it every step of the way. Nothing compares to being buried in chits with a lineup out the door, taking a deep breath, and delivering. 

We, like you, are entrepreneurs

We believe in small, independent business. This is why we only offer our services to independently owned restaurants and only work with independently owned microbreweries. There's something about experiencing someone's vision, knowing that they poured it all because they know they have what it takes. Chain restaurants have never been able to replicate this experience and they never will. We don't do scripts. We don't do logos stitched on polo shirts. We don't do business with the big guys. We set our own standard. We see our staff as people capable of great things. We understand the margins and the passion behind every pint poured and every dish served. 

who can benefit

Any independent restaurant under 100 seats

We like to keep it cozy. Our service standards centre around taking the time with each guest to ensure they receive our utmost attention. Guiding guests with pairing suggestions, feature descriptions and giving them the opportunity to take full advantage of the staff's beer knowledge has been a proven recipe for success. We've found the best atmosphere for our approach can only be properly crafted in restaurants of 100 seats or fewer. The key to higher return comes from maximizing the space we have to work in. Small business. Small breweries. Small dining areas. Bigger bills. More repeat customers. Better margins. 

Restaurants new to craft beer

We know our beer. We know it can be a little overwhelming trying to navigate the always changing world of craft beer. We also know that the big three multi-national brewers in Ontario are constantly trying to push their "craft" portfolio on unsuspecting owners. Our Prud'homme Beer Sommelier will design a balanced, seasonally rotating beer list that even the most discerning of beer aficionados will love. Hesitant about the cost? You'll be surprised at what we can achieve when we bring our partner breweries on board. 

Owners looking to increase sales & visibility

The craft beer scene in Ontario is a tight knit community of like minded people passionate about premium product. When you make the switch you join this community complete with all of the social media attention and word of mouth associated with it. Guests travel for craft beer and they'll return again and again if you can provide a knowledgeable staff, excellent service and an inviting atmosphere. We want to help you elevate your business, increase sales and get the word out to dedicated beer drinkers everywhere that you've made the switch from Macro to micro!

About Us

Two Brothers, One Focus

We couldn't be more different at first glance. However, it's precisely these differences that make us the perfect team to help turn your business into a haven of craft beer, superior service, and healthy profit. Our shared love of all things craft has brought us together to help other restaurants make the move from macro to micro.

We follow a simple equation: 

Excellent Service and Quality Product combined with Strong Logistics and Keen Business Acumen equals Sustainable Success.

Brandon Rennie, CEO

I bring fifteen years of restaurant experience, one of the earliest Prud'homme Beer Sommelier Certifications, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit to the table. Having worked every position, from host to partner, there isn't a front of house situation I haven't encountered. 

Craft Beer is my expertise. I've worked with close to 100 Ontario breweries to bring the best of our province to thirsty customers. Passion for perfect service and premium product have fueled a lengthy and successful career in the industry. I currently manage a thriving 200 seat brewpub in Toronto.

Josh Rennie, CFO

I studied Economics, Business and Finance at University of Waterloo. After graduation I immediately found work in my field handling expansive and diverse financial portfolios for some of Canada and The United States' most prolific investors and firms. I'm currently on track to achieve both my CPA and CFA. 

Working with multi-national companies has given me invaluable insight into the world of finance and its potential applications for small business. I believe in delivering results through sound fiscal management and creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

What can we do for you?

Craft Conversion Co